Transforming ideas into reality

The human eye perceives the worldas a matter of light and shadow. Heller Lighting therefore understands that few things in existence have a more profound effect on your environment than the lighting equipment you choose to install.

For more than four decades, the Hellershave been serving corporate clients and hospitality giants through our cluster of family businesses.From the start, it was less about selling ready products and more about creating unique lighting solutions from the very ideas our clients envisioned.

From high-street parlors to penthouses

40 years of excellence leaves a mark. We are extremely proud to have our exquisite custom designs in use all over the country, asHeller Lighting products can today be found in high-end retail settings as well as in elite suites atthe world’s most recognized hotel chains.

In recent years, our focus has shifted primarily towards the hospitality industry. We have been fortunate enough to design a lighting product that has gone on to become part of the décor in every Marriott room across the United States. We’ll consider our mark made.


One-of-a-kind is kind of our custom

Even in business – some would say especially in business – a family develops its traditions. Part of our customer promise is to keep the business a family matter, thus maintaining low advertising costs and a personal level of accessibility not found with larger companies.

Above all, our mission remains to offer our clients reliable custom lighting products that are of a caliber all their own.Our reputation truly has it right: We always go the extra mile, never fall short on delivery times, and happily expedite our usual lead times. Designers everywhere find working with us an absolute joy, and we make the newly transformed lighting products available to other franchisees of the same hotel chain.

Let’s bring your ideas to light. Let’s go.